Determining the rent of the house is very important nowadays as the price of the house increases every year. So our future generation needs a simple technique to predict the house rent in future. Several factors affect the price of the house such as the physical condition, location, property size, etc. This project uses the web scrapping technique to scrape data from a website and use the same to do analytics and prediction.

Note: I will be using screen shots to explain code. …

1. Problem statement

Almost every big and mid-sized organization utilities a support ticket system. ServiceNow is one of the most commonly used ticket systems across all organizations.

A support request is raised by users in service now for any hardware or software-related issues-like procurement of new desktop, creation of open office 365 account, etc. These tickets are then assigned to the appropriate technical support team by the L1 engineer.

Our aim is to automate the work of this L1 engineer and to assign the tickets to the appropriate technical support team.

2. Data collection

Now coming to 2nd step i.e. data collection. And we are lucky…

Anurodh Mohapatra

A data scientist, an AI enthusiast, and a guy slightly obsessed for code quality. LinkedIn:

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